ACS SACI Alliance

Profile of ACS/SACI Alliance

With a shared interest in engaging the South African/U.S. chemical communities in collaborations, research, education, and meetings, the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the South African Chemical Institute (SACI), agreed to enter a three-year collaboration alliance characterized by mutual benefit, impact and a commitment to cooperation in service to chemical scientists, engineers and professionals represented in our respective organizations.

Elements of the ACS/SACI partnership include:

• Joint programming to enhance student participation and contribute scientific content to the 2013 FASC Congress in Morocco, the 2013 SACI Inorganic Conference in Durban, and the 2014 IUPAC Green Chemistry Congress in Durban on topics to be selected from among inorganic chemistry, catalysis, green chemistry, and energy;

• Collaborate toward the establishment of an ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter in South Africa in 2014;

• Piloting of a joint SACI / ACS chemistry festival designed for secondary students and teachers in Durban in 2014;

• Organization and delivery of an ACS on Campus or related outreach event in South Africa in 2013 or 2014;

• Mutual promotion of events, programs, products and services relevant to ACS and SACI memberships;

• Joint SACI/ACS outreach to and engagement of South African faculty, scholars and students in the USA.

About SACI

The South African Chemical Institute (SACI) was established for the advancement of the science and practice of chemistry and the promotion and upholding of the status of the profession of chemistry. The Institute's mission shall be to promote the development and image of chemistry in different ways, to advise on chemical education and other related legislative matters and issues of public and environmental concern, to play a leading role in assuring the professional competence and integrity of chemists and to foster international collaboration as part of the African chemical community. Having begun in 1912, it is the oldest chemical society on the continent of Africa.