ACS/FACS Collaboration Alliance

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ACS and the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) have agreed to enter a three-year collaboration alliance characterized by mutual benefit, impact and a commitment to cooperation in service to chemical scientists, engineers and professionals. This alliance serves to strengthen the shared interest of each organization in engaging the Asian and US chemical communities in collaborations, research, education, and meetings.

Elements of the ACS/FACS partnership include:

  • Joint development and co-authorship of one editorial annually in the FACS Newsletter and Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) ACS Comments, focusing on U.S. / Asian collaboration activities in chemistry research, education and public outreach;
  • Coordination of efforts to support and develop activity at our respective meetings to feature joint contributions of US and Asian chemistry to humankind and global challenges;
  • Invitations to senior leaders of ACS and FACS leadership to attend and participate in our respective national meetings and congresses where cooperative activities will be evaluated and refined;
  • Cooperation and the development of Asian / U.S. contributions to the 2011 International Year of Chemistry and beyond, including coordination of efforts to enhance the public appreciation of chemistry;
  • Establishment of links to each other’s websites and the ACS Network to help catalyze ACS and FACS member research collaboration, co-authorship, funding proposal development, recognition, meeting content provision, resources for outreach to the general public and educational exchange.

About FACS

The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) is a federation of 28 chemical societies of countries and territories in the Asia Pacific whose membership consists of individual qualified chemists. Individual chemists in the Asia Pacific may become individual members of the Federation.

The general objective of the Federation is to promote the advancement and appreciation of chemistry and the interests of professional chemists in the Asia Pacific.

Membership of the Federation is open to all not-for-profit chemical societies whose membership consists largely of individual qualified chemists and which are national professional chemical societies of countries and territories in the Asia Pacific. Individual membership is open to individual chemists from the Asia Pacific. Individual membership from countries and territories that have societies within the Federation will be restricted to individuals who are members of such a society.

A second ceremony took place in conjunction with the 14th Asian Chemical Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.