Chapter in Shanghai

This ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter was founded in March of 2011 by ACS members living and working in Shanghai, the Jiangsu Province, the Zhejiang Province and the Anhui Province.

Upcoming Chapter Activities

1.  Chemistry Fun Festival.  Based on the popularity and community impact of Chemistry Fun Festival, ACS Shanghai Chapter will continue to work closely with local universities to expand the Chemistry Fun festival to have a broader impact on the advancement of chemistry education in the local community. 

2.  Chemistry Olympiad. ACS Shanghai chapter will host chemistry Olympiad in collaboration with Shanghai American School in March and April.

3.  ACS local meeting.  We are projecting to organize an ACS-CIBR type of local meeting in 2015.  The meeting topics will be selected to make impact on the local academic research as well as scientific research conducted in industry.

4.  Workshop of career advancement for chemistry graduates.  We are planning to organize seminars in partnership with local universities for the career development of undergraduate/graduate level students major in chemistry or related subjects.

5.  Proposed social networking outreach for chemistry education for all age groups.  We have proposed to expand the chemistry outreach program to general public in China leveraging the established social media tool (ACS Shanghai wechat official account).   

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Chapter Officers

Dr. Jingye Zhou – Chair

Dr. Luoheng Qin – Secretary

Dr. Minmin Wang - Past Chair

Dr. Quan Zhou – Treasurer

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