Global Innovation Grant

Update (06/05/2015): The 2015 Global Innovation Grant Application awardees have now been selected. Check back later this year for updates on the 2016 Global Innovation Grant Program

Program Overview

In 2012, ACS’s Committee on International Activities (IAC) approved a plan to award competitive Global Innovation Grants of up to US$5,000 to ACS Local Sections, Technical Divisions, International Chemical Sciences Chapters, and Governance Committees in order to further Article II, Section 3 of the ACS Constitution which states:

"...the SOCIETY shall cooperate with scientists internationally and shall be concerned with the worldwide application of chemistry to the needs of humanity."

Furthermore, the Grants would also serve IAC's goals, which are to:

  1. Foster collaborations
  2. Extend international chemistry education and training
  3. Engage developing countries
  4. Assure support of ACS science and human rights
  5. Support development and quality of the ACS International Center™
  6. Sustain momentum of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) beyond 2011 

The ACS Office of International Activities (OIA) administers the yearly grants towards activities which catalyze new international collaboration and partnerships, especially those dedicated to solutions to global challenges.

2015 Request for Proposals from the Chair of IAC, Dr. H.N. Cheng