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Green Chemistry & Engineering: Industry & Business

Smart businesses are redefining their products using the power of green chemistry and engineering. Through industrial collaborations, powerful tools for R&D are emerging, guiding scientists to discover better, more efficient processes that use fewer resources, and cut costs while improving their environmental footprint.

Filling Gaps During Carbon Footprint Studies to Design Green Pharmaceuticals
The ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable companies are contributing data on the ecological footprint, or LCA, of pharmaceuticals for the Swedish Voluntary Incentive Scheme. View the presentation for details on the data being made available.

Business Case Studies

Why do green chemistry and engineering? It makes business sense. Browse case studies from large pharmaceuticals to emerging chemical companies to cleaning product and paint companies.

Business Case Studies

Industrial Roundtables

ACS Green Chemistry Institute® convenes companies from across the world to form industrial roundtables to focus on the science of sustainable and green chemistry and its implementation. The Roundtables meet regularly to set and work on their objectives. In this collaborative forum, companies can benchmark progress, develop uniform tools, identify key research areas, award funding, give input to policy-setting organizations, and author papers on projects and initiatives, among other projects. 

Pharmaceutical Roundtable

Pharmaceutical Roundtable
Bringing global industry leaders together to catalyze the beneficial implementation of green chemistry and engineering.

Formulators' Roundtable

Formulators' Roundtable
Driving the use of green chemistry and engineering to make innovative products that are safer for consumers to use.

Chemical Manufacturer's Roundtable

Chemical Manufacturer’s Roundtable
Defining and applying green chemistry and engineering for the chemical manufacturing industry.

Hydraulic Fracturing Roundtable

Hydraulic Fracturing Roundtable (coming soon)
Integrating the principles of green chemistry and engineering into the chemical supply chain for hydraulic fracturing.

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