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Global Supplies for Chemical Feedstocks in the 21st Century
Watch the recorded panel presentation from the 17th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference!

ACS GCI in the Press

Sustainable Practices in Medicinal Chemistry: Current State and Future Directions
Marian C. Bryan, Barry Dillon, Lawrence G. Hamann, Gregory J. Hughes, Michael E Kopach, Emily A Peterson, Mehrnaz Pourashraf, Izzat Raheem, Paul F Richardson, Daniel Tyler Richter, and Helen F. Sneddon
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,
Just Accepted
Publication Date (Web):
April 15, 2013.

Differentiating Yourself from the Competition in the Green Chemistry Supply Chain, Dr. David J. C. Constable,, April 4, 2013.

Going Greener, Dr. David J. C. Constable, Lab Manager, April 4, 2013.

New Paper of Interest

Barriers to the Implementation of Green Chemistry in the United States
Kira J. M. Matus, Paul T. Anastas, William C. Clark, and Julie Beth Zimmerman
Environ. Sci. Technol.,
Just Accepted
Publication Date (Web):
September 10, 2012 (Policy Analysis)

“Green Chemistry Is…”

At the recent 244th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we asked our ACS GCI booth visitors to write down—in 20 words or less—what green chemistry means to them. We compiled the responses, including a few of our own, into this short video. Enjoy!

How Green Chemistry Could Be Integrated into Existing Environmental Regulations in Brazil

Every year, students from all over the world come to the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry & Sustainable Energy. This year, one student from Brazil, ThaÍla de Mello Florêncio, took her knowledge gained from the program and co-authored a paper with her professor Geoffroy R.P. Malpass, Ph.D., Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineir, Instituto de Ciências Tecnológicas e Exatas, titled "A Brief Explanation of Environmental Licenses in Brazil."

Keynotes Available from the 16th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Dr. Richard Wool, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware opened with an address titled "Sustainability, Jobs and Opportunities through Green Chemistry and Engineering."

Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri, ACS President and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin gave his interactive address, "For the benefit of earth and its people."

Dr. Marcel Wubbolts, CTO at DSM Innovation Center gave a keynote on "What's the Value of Sustainability as a Business Driver?"

Dr. Manian Ramesh, CTO of Water and Energy Services at Ecolab, Inc. gave an address titled "Smart Chemistries for Industries and Environment."

Keynote Panel “Advancing Global Green Chemistry – The Role of Government, Business, and Academia.” This panel was moderated by ACS Executive Director, Madeleine Jacobs, and featured Dr. Cheryl Martin, Deputy Director for Commercialization, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), Mr. Adam Monroe, North American President, Novozymes, and Dr. Matthew Platz, Director, NSF Division of Chemistry.

“Is Green Chemistry Sustainable in South Africa?”

An article written by Dr. V. Nyamori, South African Chemical Institute (SACI) Green Division Chair, and Dr. W. van Zyl, SACI Green Division Secretary, which describes the challenges and opportunities of growing the field of green chemistry in this country.

Archives of the 15th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Re-live the 2011 conference – take a look at recordings of many keynote and technical presentations and the photo album.