Green Chemistry ACS Student Chapters

What is an ACS Student Chapter?

ACS student chapters are organizations for undergraduate chemical science majors. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.

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How Can Our Chapter Be Green?

By incorporating sustainable and green chemistry into your student chapter’s activities you can:

  • Become a spokesperson on your campus for sustainability and the solutions chemistry can bring through green chemistry
  • Start a movement of sustainability across your campus and in the community
  • Make a difference through chemistry
  • Have a positive impact on human health, the environment & the future
  • Improve the "image" of chemistry

Chapters who engage in at least three green chemistry outreach and educational activities during the school year are eligible to win a Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award. Some activities that chapters have done in the past include:

  • Demonstrations: Students at Alvernia University did a bio-fuel demonstration for their fellow peers in which they had a student speaker that informed the audience of alternative fuels. After, students were able to make their own biofuels.
  • School Visits: Students from the University of Saint Francis organized presentations for younger students including a demo that showed how polymers can be made from biomaterials.
  • Inviting a Speaker: Students at the University of Tennessee at Martin invited Dr. Scott brown of Murray State University. Dr. Brown gave a presentation on "Green chemistry applications around the lab, farm, and home," a presentation that was informative and showed how green chemistry is being expanded beyond the laboratory setting. It also gave faculty members ideas of how to incorporate these teachings into the classroom and laboratory, thus promoting awareness of green chemistry.
  • Green Lab Experiments: The students at University of Connecticut did an experiment during National Chemistry Week to show the effectiveness of chemical reactions without the use of a solvent. This was done based on an experiment done during the Organic Chemistry laboratory course at school and involved benzaldehyde and potassium carbonate.
  • Creative Outreach: The students at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico conducted a scavenger hunt, "using green chemistry concepts, such as the 12 principles of green chemistry, sustainable chemistry, and recycling." They "also participated in a Green Chemistry Fashion Show sponsored by the local section which required creating a dress using waste."

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