Green Chemistry ACS Student Chapters

What is an ACS Student Chapter?

ACS student chapters are organizations for undergraduate chemical science majors. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.

More about ACS Student Chapters

How Can Our Chapter Be Green?

By incorporating sustainable and green chemistry into your student chapter’s activities you can:

  • Become a spokesperson on your campus for sustainability and the solutions chemistry can bring through green chemistry
  • Start a movement of sustainability across your campus and in the community
  • Make a difference through chemistry
  • Have a positive impact on human health, the environment & the future
  • Improve the "image" of chemistry

Chapters who engage in at least three green chemistry outreach and educational activities during the school year are eligible to win a Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award. 

"How To" Guides for ACS Student Chapter Activities

These guides are resourceful green chemistry related activities for student chapters to utilize. Students are not limited to solely these ideas.

Green Chemistry Demonstrations - information on how to organize and advertise a demonstration as well as full procedures for several green demos.

Getting Green in the Media - provides a framework for spreading the word about green chemistry through online, print, and broadcast communications. 

Organizing a Field Trip - a guide to planning a field trip for students interested in learning more about green chemistry, including resources for finding an appropriate place to visit. 

Green Chemistry Scavenger Hunt - advice on creating a scavenger hunt based on green chemistry principles from the rules of the game to suggested items and their relevance. 

Hosting a Debate - explains how to organize a debate about green chemistry including suggested topics and common debate formats.

Inviting a Speaker - logistical information for inviting a guest to talk about green chemistry and ideas for appropriate lecture topics.

Greening the Lab - provides a foundation for greening labs at a university or college including how to talk to faculty members about making changes and "focus areas" for improvements. 

Hosting a Workshop or Conference - describes what's needed for a successful green chemistry outreach event such as guidelines for developing a workshop, how to create a budget, and tips for keeping the focus on chemistry. 

Student Awards at the 2013 ACS National Meeting in New Orleans
ACS GCI's Jennifer MacKellar and Dr. David Constable presenting a Green Chemistry Award in New Orleans to Fresno State ACS Student Affiliate President Brittany Bevier (center). Nick L. Mole, the mascot of the chapter and the San Joaquin Valley Local Section joins on the left.
Photo Credit: Christine Brennan Schmidt

Celebrating Earth Day & Sustainability with ACS Student Chapters

Some of the most enthusiastic green chemistry advocates you can find anywhere are the undergraduate ACS Student Chapter members. At the recent ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, I had a chance to meet many of these students and hear what they are doing to promote sustainability and green chemistry in their communities and universities. As we celebrate Earth Day here in the United States, what better time is there to recognize the creativity and passion of the next generation of chemists!


Get more ideas for green chemistry activities and information on the Green Chemistry Student Chapter Award page.