Student Awards in Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry Student Awards - Apply by February 19, 2016
The Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship and Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award sponsor young international green chemistry scholars to participate in the 20th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, June 14-16, 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Apply today!

The future of green chemistry depends on the students of today. To foster the growth of green chemistry across the global chemistry enterprise, the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® facilitates several awards specifically for students. Financial awards, in recognition of student work and for travel to conferences and seminars, are available to students world-wide.

The Ciba Travel Awards and the Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship specifically provide students with an opportunity to travel to a national or international conference, present their research to top professionals in green chemistry, and network with their peers and potential future employers. The Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award honors the work of one outstanding student a year with a financial reward and international recognition. The Student Chapter Award recognizes student ACS chapters who foster green chemistry in within their schools and communities.

For details on applying to one of these awards, please follow the links listed below.