Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshops

19th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference - Student Workshop
Held on July 13, 2015 at the American Chemical Society in Washington, DC. Dr. Peter Mahaffy, professor of chemistry at King’s University, will be leading the workshop with other subject matter experts, through brief lectures and engaging activities.

Putting Science into Action

2014 Green Chemistry Student Workshop
2013 GC&E Student Workshop
Photo Credit: Arthur Lemmon

ACS GCI offers cutting-edge workshops that students don’t want to miss!  Structured with an interactive and hands-on learning approach, they provide attendees—undergrads, graduate students, and post docs—with the opportunity to "put science into action." The workshops take green chemistry & engineering topics beyond what students learn at the university, offer a networking platform that enables them to acquire and build professional relationships, and equip students with the tools and resources needed to apply and teach what they’ve learned. 

The workshops are offered during the Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, ACS National Meetings, and other related conferences throughout the year.   

NSF Scholars at the Student Workshop
NSF Scholars at the 2013 GC&E Student Workshop
Photo Credit: Arthur Lemmon

 Past Student Workshop Topics:

  1. An Introduction to Green Chemistry & Engineering
  2. Understanding the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  3. Toxicology and Predictive Tools for Chemists
  4. Green Chemistry Education Outreach
  5. International Green Chemistry
  6. Endocrine Disruptors and Low Dose Effects