Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

It's the Principle of the Matter

Green chemistry offers a different approach to conventional chemistry and engineering through the thoughtful application of principles that aid the design of sustainable chemical products and processes by focusing individuals on the development of innovative solutions, opportunities, and challenges. Applying these principles collectively will result in products and processes that protect and benefit the economy, people, and the planet and help us make significant strides toward a more sustainable future.

It's green chemistry and everyone is doing it! Learn about the principles today, and play your part in creating a more sustainable future!

Green Chemistry

12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Green Engineering

12 Principles of Green Engineering

A Continued Evolution of Principles:
The Sandestin Principles of Green Engineering

In May 2003, over 65 scientists and engineers convened at The Sandestin Conference on "Green Engineering: Defining the Principles." This was the first conference of its kind and it inspired an in-depth discussion of key components of green engineering principles amongst the attendees. As a result, nine principles were collectively developed and presented. 

Explore these nine principles: Sandestin Principles of Green Engineering

Green Chemistry Pocket Guides 
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