Abstract Submissions: Spring 2015 National Meeting (Denver, CO)

The following table lists abstract submission deadlines for the Spring 2015 National Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Select a Division or Committee name to see a list of symposia for that programming unit.

To submit your abstract, log into MAPS at maps.acs.org using your ACS ID.

Note: Submission deadlines and symposia are subject to change. Last updated October 21, 2014.

Submission Deadlines and Program Chairs by Division and Committee

Division/Committee Name Deadline Program Chair(s) Preprint Template
[PRES] Presidential Events
Friday, 10/31 Diane Grob Schmidt  
[MPPG] Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group
Friday, 10/31 Robert Weber  
[AGFD] Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Monday, 11/3

Kathryn Deibler  
[ANYL] Division of Analytical Chemistry

Monday, 10/20

Douglas Duckworth

[BIOL] Division of Biological Chemistry

Tuesday, 11/4

Craig Crews

Vahe Bandarian

[BIOT] Division of Biochemical Technology

Monday, 10/27

Matt Lazzara

Anne Kantardjieff

[BMGT] Division of Business Development and Management
Monday, 11/10

Kara Allen

Janet Bryant

[CARB] Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry

Monday, 11/3

Eriks Rozners

[CATL] Division of Catalysis Science and Technology

Sunday, 10/26

Viviane Schwartz

[CELL] Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials

Monday, 10/27

Charles Frazier

[CHAL] Division of Chemistry and the Law

Monday, 11/3

Krista Bianco

Justin Hasford

[CHAS] Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Monday, 10/27

Debbie Decker

Joseph Pickel

Frankie Wood-Black

[CHED] Division of Chemical Education

Monday, 11/3

Wayne Jones

Anderson Marsh

Irvin Levy

[CINF] Division of Chemical Information

Friday, 10/24

Erin Bolstad
[CMA] Committee on Minority Affairs

Monday, 10/27

Jerry Sarquis

[COLL] Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Monday, 10/27

Ramanathan Nagarajan  
[COMP] Division of Computers in Chemistry

Tuesday, 10/28

Scott Wildman

Emilio Esposito

[COMSCI] Committee on Science
Monday, 10/27
Debbie C. Crans  
[ENFL] Division of Energy and Fuels

Friday, 10/31

Alissa Park template
[ENVR] Division of Environmental Chemistry

Monday, 10/27

Souhail Al-Abed

[FLUO] Division of Fluorine Chemistry
Monday, 11/3 Viacheslav Petrov  
[GEOC] Division of Geochemistry

Monday, 10/27

Sebastien Kerisit  
[HIST] Division of the History of Chemistry

Monday, 11/3

Seth Rasmussen

[I&EC] Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Saturday, 10/25

Peter Smith

Mary Moore

[IAC] International Activities Committee
Monday, 11/03 H N Cheng  
[INOR] Division of Inorganic Chemistry

Monday, 10/20

Stephen Koch

Nora Radu

[MEDI] Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Friday, 10/31

Wendy Young

[NUCL] Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

Monday, 10/27

Jenifer Braley

David Hobart

[ORGN] Division of Organic Chemistry

Friday, 10/24

Matt McIntosh

Richard Broene

[PHYS] Division of Physical Chemistry

Friday, 10/24

Edwin Sibert
[PMSE] Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering

Monday, 10/20

Qinghuang Lin

Matthew Becker

Christopher Stafford

Andy Tsou

[POLY] Division of Polymer Chemistry

Thursday, 10/23

Timothy White

Dylan Boday

Malika Jeffries-El

[PROF] Division of Professional Relations

Monday, 11/10

R. Daniel Libby
[SCHB] Division of Small Chemical Businesses

Monday, 10/27

Joseph Sabol
[SOCED] Society Committee on Education
Monday, 10/27
Daniel Swartling  
[WCC] Women Chemists Committee

Wednesday, 11/05

Amy Debaillie

Kimberly Woznack

[YCC] Younger Chemists Committee
Monday, 11/03

Taina Matos

Alexander Gavrilenko