Abstract Submissions: Spring 2015 National Meeting (Denver, CO)

Call for Papers for the Fall 2015 National Meeting (Boston) opens mid-January 2015.

The following table lists abstract submission deadlines for the Spring 2015 National Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Select a Division or Committee name to see a list of symposia for that programming unit.

How to Submit an Abstract

To submit your abstract, log into MAPS (Meeting Abstracts Programming System) using your ACS ID. (Don't have an ACS ID?)

Note: Submission deadlines and symposia are subject to change. Last updated October 31, 2014.

Submission Deadlines and Program Chairs by Division and Committee

Division/Committee Name Deadline Program Chair(s) Preprint Template
[PRES] Presidential Events
Friday, 11/7 Diane Grob Schmidt  
[MPPG] Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group
Wednesday, 11/7 Robert Weber  
[AGFD] Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Monday, 11/3

Kathryn Deibler  
[ANYL] Division of Analytical Chemistry

Monday, 10/20

Douglas Duckworth

[BIOL] Division of Biological Chemistry

Tuesday, 11/4

Craig Crews

Vahe Bandarian

[BIOT] Division of Biochemical Technology

Monday, 10/27

Matt Lazzara

Anne Kantardjieff

[BMGT] Division of Business Development and Management
Monday, 11/10

Kara Allen

Janet Bryant

[CARB] Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry

Friday, 11/7

Eriks Rozners

[CATL] Division of Catalysis Science and Technology

Sunday, 10/26

Viviane Schwartz

[CELL] Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials

Monday, 10/27

Charles Frazier

[CHAL] Division of Chemistry and the Law

Friday, 11/14

Krista Bianco

Justin Hasford

[CHAS] Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Monday, 10/27

Debbie Decker

Joseph Pickel

Frankie Wood-Black

[CHED] Division of Chemical Education

Monday, 11/3

Wayne Jones

Anderson Marsh

Irvin Levy

[CINF] Division of Chemical Information

Friday, 10/24

Erin Bolstad
[CMA] Committee on Minority Affairs

Monday, 10/27

Jerry Sarquis

[COLL] Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Monday, 10/27

Ramanathan Nagarajan  
[COMP] Division of Computers in Chemistry

Wednesday, 10/29

Scott Wildman

Emilio Esposito

[COMSCI] Committee on Science
Monday, 11/3
Debbie C. Crans  
[ENFL] Division of Energy and Fuels

Monday, 11/3

Alissa Park template
[ENVR] Division of Environmental Chemistry

Monday, 10/27

Souhail Al-Abed

[FLUO] Division of Fluorine Chemistry
Monday, 11/3 Viacheslav Petrov  
[GEOC] Division of Geochemistry

Thursday, 10/30

Sebastien Kerisit  
[HIST] Division of the History of Chemistry

Monday, 11/3

Seth Rasmussen

[I&EC] Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Saturday, 10/25

Peter Smith

Mary Moore

[IAC] International Activities Committee
Monday, 11/3 H N Cheng  
[INOR] Division of Inorganic Chemistry

Monday, 10/20

Stephen Koch

Nora Radu

[MEDI] Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Friday, 10/31

Wendy Young

[NUCL] Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

Monday, 10/27

Jenifer Braley

David Hobart

[ORGN] Division of Organic Chemistry

Friday, 10/24

Matt McIntosh

Richard Broene

[PHYS] Division of Physical Chemistry

Friday, 10/24

Edwin Sibert
[PMSE] Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering

Monday, 10/20

Qinghuang Lin

Matthew Becker

Christopher Stafford

Andy Tsou

[POLY] Division of Polymer Chemistry

Thursday, 10/23

Timothy White

Dylan Boday

Malika Jeffries-El

[PROF] Division of Professional Relations

Monday, 11/10

R. Daniel Libby
[SCHB] Division of Small Chemical Businesses

Wednesday, 10/29

Joseph Sabol
[SOCED] Society Committee on Education
Monday, 10/27
Daniel Swartling  
[WCC] Women Chemists Committee

Wednesday, 11/5

Amy Debaillie

Kimberly Woznack

[YCC] Younger Chemists Committee
Monday, 11/3

Taina Matos

Alexander Gavrilenko