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The ACS Mobile Meeting Application is your free full featured greener guide to manage your experience at the 248th ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

Introducing San Francisco 2014 Mobile App and Features

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Please note: The mobile application does not currently integrate with the Itinerary Builder in PACS. We may be able to provide this functionality in a future release.

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App features will include: 

  • Native app: No wifi connection required to access the conference program, schedule, or maps. 

  • Home: Quick access to technical, social, and governance meeting program browse and search features, exhibition information, and app user guide. 

  • Program: Browse the entire event program to build your personal schedule, bookmark sessions or speakers, or access session handouts as available.
Take notes and share them via email.
- Connect your meeting experience with social media. 
- Exhibitors, Maps, related conference info and much more.

Questions or Feedback?

Help us improve this service. There is a survey link provided within the app. Go to the "more" menu and click the option "App feedback". Your feedback is important to us. If you are having trouble downloading and installing the app, please send us an email at

On-Site Support

For your convenience, there will be a "San Francisco App Help Station" located on-site at the Moscone Center, South Lobby. Hours of Operation:

Sun., Aug. 10 from 8AM – 5PM
Mon., Aug. 11 from 8AM – 5PM
Tues., Aug. 12 from 8AM – 2PM

App Help

Thanks for downloading the ACS San Francisco National Meeting Mobile App. To get the latest updates to the program and meeting details, please connect your device to WiFi. Download the Mobile App User Guide .PDF

Search Tips

  • To limit search results to sessions by division or organizing group, include the acronym assigned to the division or group with the keywords you use (e.g., PMSE nanoscience). A full list of acronyms is provided below.
  • Narrow your search by excluding keywords using a minus (-) sign (e.g., PMSE nanoscience -engineering).
  • Press “Find More” to view additional results, if any.
  • Collapse results sections (e.g., Program, Speakers, Exhibitors, and Media) you are not interested in by tapping/clicking the collapse icon ().

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Having trouble? Want to improve your app skills? Download the Mobile App User Guide .PDF

Please note: The mobile application does not currently integrate with the Itinerary Builder in PACS. We may be able to provide this functionality in a future release.

Icon Legend

Add event to your schedule
Star mark the item Includes the item in your event notes email

Take notes All notes are included in your event notes email
View PPT Slides Availability depends on session
Show the item on the map
Sessions near the one you are currently viewing
Share the item using social media or email
Browse to a provided web link
Send an email to the speaker or exhibitor
Filter sessions by keywords

Other Helpful Information

The mobile app has massive information. The following resources will help you navigate the app but categorize the thousands of presentations, events and activities that will take place over the course of 5 days.

Governance Event Types

  • OPEN. May be attended by any ACS member. At these sessions, members are encouraged to voice concerns, issue compliments, offer suggestions, express interest in, or raise questions about matters over which the committee has purview. The assumption is that participation is welcomed and will be orderly and courteous. Only committee members can vote.
  • CLOSED. The committee chair must declare any EXECUTIVE session CLOSED when confidential or sensitive personnel, financial , or legal matters of the society are discussed. At that point, only officially appointed/elected committee members, associates, consultants, staff liaisons, and the appointed Committee on Committees liaison shall remain in the session. Others may stay in the session at the discretion of the chair. Once these discussions have been completed, the committee should return to EXECUTIVE mode.
  • EXECUTIVE. Attendance and participation are limited to officially appointed/elected committee members, associates, advisers, consultants, staff liaisons, and the appointed Committee on Committees liaison. Liaisons from other groups and ex officio and elected councilors may attend; participation by these groups would be at the invitation of the chair. Only committee members can vote.)
  • During the open committee meetings, ACS members are given a chance to express their views on issues under consideration before these issues are acted on by the board or the council, or to bring up other subjects that deserve attention. Members are urged to examine the agenda and make known any opinions or ideas they may have. If you cannot attend the particular sessions involved, contact the ACS Secretary's Office.

Divisions Acronym List

  • Agricultural & Food Chemistry – AGFD
  • Agrochemicals – AGRO
  • Analytical Chemistry – ANYL
  • Biochemical Technology – BIOT
  • Biological Chemistry – BIOL
  • Business Development & Management – BMGT
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry – CARB
  • Catalysis Science & Technology – CATL
  • Cellulose and Renewable Materials – CELL
  • Chemical Education – CHED
  • Chemical Health & Safety – CHAS
  • Chemical Information – CINF
  • Chemical Toxicology – TOXI
  • Chemistry and the Law – CHAL
  • Colloid & Surface Chemistry – COLL
  • Computers in Chemistry – COMP
  • Energy & Fuels – ENFL
  • Environmental Chemistry – ENVR
  • Fluorine Chemistry – FLUO
  • Geochemistry – GEOC
  • History of Chemistry – HIST
  • Industrial & Engineering Chemistry – I&EC
  • Inorganic Chemistry – INOR
  • Medicinal Chemistry – MEDI
  • Nuclear Chemistry & Technology – NUCL
  • Organic Chemistry – ORGN
  • Physical Chemistry – PHYS
  • Polymer Chemistry – POLY
  • Polymeric Materials:  Science & Engineering - PMSE
  • Professional Relations – PROF
  • Rubber Division – RUBB
  • Small Chemical Businesses – SCHB

Committees Acronym List

  • Committee on Committees – ConC
  • Council Policy – CPC
  • Nominations and Elections – N&E
  • Constitution and Bylaws – C&B
  • Divisional Activities – DAC
  • Economic and Professional Affairs – CEPA
  • Local Section Activities Committee – LSAC
  • Meetings & Expositions – M&E
  • Membership Affairs Committee – MAC
  • Analytical Reagents – CAR
  • Ethics
  • Nomenclature, Terminology and Symbols - NTS
  • Project SEED – SEED
  • Technician Affairs – CTA
  • Budget and Finance – B&F
  • Education Committee – SOCED
  • Chemical Abstracts Service – CCAS
  • Chemical Safety – CCS
  • Chemistry and Public Affairs – CCPA
  • Chemists with Disabilities – CWD
  • Community Activities – CCA
  • Environmental Improvement – CEI
  • International Activities – IAC
  • Minority Affairs – CMA
  • Patents and Related Matters – CP&RM
  • Professional Training – CPT
  • Publications – PUBS
  • Public Relations and Communications – CPRC
  • Science – COMSCI
  • Senior Chemists – SCC
  • Women Chemists – WCC
  • Younger Chemists – YCC
  • Audits
  • Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members – BOT
  • Corporation Associates
  • Executive Compensation
  • Governing Board for Publishing
  • Governing Board for the Green Chemistry Institute – GCI
  • Grants and Awards – G&A
  • Pensions and Investments – P&I
  • Petroleum Research Fund Advisory Board – PRF
  • Planning
  • Professional and Member Relations – P&MR
  • Public Affairs & Public Relations – PA&PR
  • Public Affairs & Public Relations Subcommittee National Historic Chemical Landmarks

ACS Divisions

Program Area    Program Chair                

  • PRES    Tom Barton                
  • MPPG    Michelle Buchanan                
  • AGFD    Michael Qian                
  • ANYL    Susan Olesik                
  • BIOL    Sheila David                
  • BIOT    Claire Komives                
               Glen Bolton                
               Cynthia Collins                
  • BMGT    Daniel Daly                
  • CARB    Eriks Rozners                
  • CATL    Carsten Sievers                
                Phil Christopher                
  • CELL    Thomas Elder                
  • CHAL    Krista Bianco                
                Justin Hasford                
  • CHAS    Linda Stroud                
                Debbie Decker                
  • CHED    Irvin Levy                
                Christine Jaworek-Lopes                
                Beatriz Rios-McKee                
  • CINF    Jeremy Garritano                
               Erin Bolstad                
  • COLL    Ramanathan Nagarajan                
  • COMP    Emilio Esposito                
                Scott Wildman                
  • ENFL    Ranjit  Koodali                
               Ah-Hyung  Park                
  • ENVR    Souhail  Al-Abed                
  • FLUO    Markus Etzkorn                
  • GEOC    Andrew Stack                
  • HIST    Seth Rasmussen                
  • I&EC    Mary Moore                
                Pete Smith                
  • INOR    Nora Radu                
                Stephen Koch                
  • MEDI    John Macor                
  • NUCL    Jenifer Braley                
                Paul Mantica                
  • ORGN    Ahmed Abdel-Magid                
                Matt  McIntosh                
  • PHYS    Nancy  Levinger                
  • PMSE    Sergio Granados-Focil                
                Matthew Becker                
                Christopher Stafford                
                Alshakim Nelson                
  • POLY    Scott Iacono                
                Jeffrey Youngblood                
                Dylan Boday                
  • PROF    R. Daniel Libby                
  • SCHB    Joseph Sabol

ACS Committees                    

Program Area    Program Chair                

  • CMA            Jerry Sarquis                
  • COMSCI      Tina Nenoff                
  • IAC            H. N. Cheng                
                     Bryan Henry                
  • SOCED        Andy Jorgensen                
  • WCC            Amy DeBaillie                
  • YCC            Taina Matos