Attention Unemployed ACS Members

ACS is here for you. Tap into a host of valuable benefits and services to help you get back into the workforce.

How can ACS help you?

First, get a special dues waiver. You may retain all of your benefits of membership at no cost while unemployed. ACS is here for you! Contact us today with your name and member number to see if you qualify for assistance., 800-333-9511 or 614-447-3776

Next, tap into these special benefits and services for the unemployed:

As an unemployed member of the ACS there are several tools and resources that have been developed to help you regain employment. The two that I suggest most strongly are the ACS Online Job Club, and the ACS Career Consultant program. Both are proven to be effective, and both are free to you.

It is key that you remain engaged, that you build your network, and that you stay relevant through continued learning. You are part of a large and vibrant community at ACS. Be sure to utilize your benefits to your greatest favor.

  • NEW! Join the ACS Online Job Club for unemployed members. The group meets each Tuesday from 2:00-3:00pm (Eastern Time) using web conferencing technology to exchange job hunting tips, network, and give support. You may also find local job clubs through the job hunting resources list on the ACS Network.
  • NEW! SciFinder® for Unemployed Scientists Program! CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, provides up to 100 SciFinder activities for personal use throughout the annual membership term. To take advantage of this opportunity, establish "unemployed" status with ACS Member services, and then visit the SciFinder for Unemployed Scientists Program page.
  • NEW! ACS Publication Access! ACS Members (including unemployed members) have online access to any 25 articles from all ACS Journals, ACS Symposium Series e-Books, and C&EN Archives. Log into the ACS Publication website with your ACS ID to gain access.
  • The ACS Careers website has many online resources to help you with resume preparation, interviewing, salary information, event listings, and news articles.  Additionally you will find us on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Free Guidance from ACS Career Consultants – ACS Career Consultants offer resume reviews, interview tips, career counseling, and advice on transitioning jobs, salary negotiation, and job search strategies making you stand out from the rest. Career Consultants are available for individualized phone or email consultations throughout the year. They are also available live at the ACS Career Fairs and Virtual Career Fairs.
  • Answering question on an interview, or during a networking conversation can be challenging.  That is why we developed a partnership with InterviewStream to allow you to practice in privacy using a webcam and computer.
  • Members-only access to the ACS Salary Calculator™  is free, giving you detailed salary information for jobs in various subfields and geographic regions.
  • ACS Leadership Courses are free either in-person or online. Contact for a scholarship.
  • ACS Professional Education Courses* are offered to unemployed members of ACS at half off the Standard Rate (*some exclusions apply).
  • ACS National Meeting registration is free when you interview with potential employers at the ACS Career Fair or Virtual Career Fair.
  • ACS Regional Meeting registration is now reduced to just $25.00.
  • ACS Onsite Career Fairs are held concurrently with each ACS National Meeting. Career fairs offer the opportunity to interview with prospective employers, network and gain essential job search skills.
  • ACS Virtual Career Fairs are held concurrently with the ACS National Meetings. With zero travel costs, and typically more than 300 open positions, these events are great opportunities for members to apply for jobs and meet employers.
  • ACS Network is free giving you access to the online community where you can connect with potential employers and other colleagues around the globe.
  • Participate in online discussion forums on LinkedIn and the ACS Network where you can share experiences and job search resources.
  • ACS Member Insurance Program offers deferred premium payments for unemployed members.
  • Unemployed member also have access to all of the standard benefits of ACS membership!

You will face many challenges as you struggle to regain employment, and it is not going to be easy.  Remember to get in touch and stay in touch.  And know that we are behind you with the power of 163,000 chemical professionals.

You can email the ACS Careers group at, and you will find us on the web at  If you require any additional assistance with your ACS membership, please contact Member Services via email at or via phone 800-333-9511; outside the US 614-447-3776.


ACS Network Careers Forum

An online discussion forum for ACS members seeking new positions. Participants are invited to share experiences and helpful job hunting resources.