Industry Member Programs

More than 60% of our 163,000 members identify themselves as industrial chemists or chemical engineers. The office of Industry Member Programs (IMP) aims to increase the participation of these members in ACS and to provide exceptional services to all chemists in industry.

IMP facilitates communication between ACS and the company-wide management of chemical and allied-industry corporations to develop ACS services for their industrial employees and their workplaces.

Founded in 1952, Corporation Associates (CA) is the formal link between the American Chemical Society and the chemical industry.

To focus on the specific information needs of chemists and chemical engineers working in industry, IMP initiated the ACS Webinar series. ACS Webinars connect participants with subject experts and global thought leaders in chemical sciences, management, and business on relevant professional issues. For more information, please go to the ACS Webinars site.

To highlight the achievements made by industrial chemists and chemical engineers, our Industry Awards program recognizes both individuals and teams who develop innovations that benefit society and further the success of their companies.

For more information, contact us at or 202-776-8176.