ACS Silver Circle

Chemistry's Silver Circle

The ACS Silver Circle is for members whose life experiences have earned them a silver "crown." Silver Circle members have valuable experiences in chemistry, which they are encouraged to share through outreach activities. They have common interests or concerns that may be addressed in local Silver Circle committees.

Senior Chemists Committee

The Senior Chemists Committee has been established and became effective January 1, 2013.

Become a Science Coach

Share your expertise and enthusiasm for science with an elementary, middle, or high school teacher—become an ACS Science Coach. In this year-long volunteer role, you may find yourself planning and presenting demonstrations, helping students with lab, answering content questions, or providing real-world examples. Together, you and the teacher decide how to best combine your time and talents. Find out more then submit a proposal by October 31st. If approved, ACS will donate $500 to the school to support your efforts.

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