Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year - 2013

Alfred A. Barney

Northeastern Local Section

As an employee of Strem Chemicals, Al Barney has volunteered his time and expertise to designing and running novel experiments and demonstrations for students from K to 12 for over 12 years within the Merrimack Valley Region of Massachusetts. Twenty presentations for hundreds of elementary, middle, and high school students have been accomplished since 2005. Popular topics include Properties of Mater and Molecular Structure, Thin Layer Chromatography, Electroplating, and Purification of Water. Additional volunteer activities include serving as an ACS Science Coach, judging science and math competitions, and assisting summer programs for 4th and 5th graders on chemistry related themes.

Image of Alfred A. Barney

Anna G. Cavinato

Richland Local Section

It’s difficult to find more-engaged ACS volunteers than Anna. In the last year she has served as: Alternate Councilor; Chair: Women and Minority Affairs Committee; Advisor for EOU Student Members (Chem Club); Member, ACS Project SEED Committee; Secretary, Division of Analytical Chemistry. Anna led events for National Chemistry Week, including the “Girls in Science” program; ACS global water experiment; and multiple science cafes. She wrote (successful) grants to send students to ACS meetings to present their science. Anna’s involvement led to multiple ChemLuminary awards and the EOU Chem Club’s receiving another ACS Outstanding Chapter Award.

Image of Anna G. Cavinato

Robert Michael de Groot

Southern California Local Section

Local ACS Section Involvement: Central Arizona Local Section • Coordinator, National Chemistry Week (1996-1997) Southern California Local Section • Leadership role in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (1998-present) • Leadership role in National Chemistry Week (1998-present) • Chair (2009, 2012) • Councilor (2009-present) • Co-Chair, 2011 Western Regional Meeting Planning Committee National ACS Involvement: Committee on Public Relations and Communications • Member (2000-2008) • Consultant (2009), Committee on Community Activities • Member (1999-2012) • Co-Chair, Program Development and Promotion Subcommittee • Co-Chair, Planning Committee for Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of National Chemistry Week

Image of Robert Michael de Groot

Linda de la Garza

Southwest Georgia Local Section

She was a local section Chair in 2011. She was instrumental in organizing multiple activities involving both Valdosta State University students and local school students, such as: chemical theme poetry contests, Science Saturdays, Live Periodic Table. She also organized four local section meetings with invited speakers including celebrating 30-year anniversary of the local section with ACS President Nancy Jackson as a guest speaker.

Image of Linda de la Garza

Martha GK Dibblee

Portland Local Section

The Executive Committee of the Portland section proposes Martha GK Dibblee for our Outreach Service Award. She served on the steering committee of NORM 99, as Chair-Elect and Chair of the section in 2000-1 and has been the elected Secretary since 2005. She handles all communication with the ACS office, keeps the section roster up to date and encourages members to be active, serves as outreach coordinator and PR liaison, has written section grants, has transformed election and section notices from paper to electronic, and recruited key committee chairs. Martha is the “heart and blood” of our section. Without a doubt she has earned this award.

Image of Martha GK Dibblee

JaNeille Dixon

Northern Oklahoma Local Section

For several years our section has done outreach to area elementary schools as part of NCW. Groups of 2-4 volunteers go to each 4th and 5th grade classroom to teach a chemistry lesson and let the children do hands on experiments. JaNeille has done virtually all the planning, organizing and communicating to make this happen for several years. This year our section recruited some help for her and she is now transitioning her expertise and contacts to the new volunteers. This year alone, she made it possible for 1200 kids to experience science first hand!

Image of JaNeille Dixon

Michael P. Doyle

Chemical Society of Washington Local Section

During 2012, Professor Mike Doyle exhibited extraordinary outreach volunteer effort for the Washington, DC Section of the ACS in his leadership of the 44th International Chemistry Olympiad. Serving as Chair of the Scientific Committee for the 44th IChO, and organizer for all exam sites and events, his responsibilities included: the assembly of a committee to construct both written and laboratory exams/experiments; ensuring that the exams vetted and tested; making available nearly 300 nearly identical sites for students to take the exams concurrently; recruiting volunteers to assist with exams; and, served as the institutional contact person for other IChO events.

Image of Michael P. Doyle

Louis E. DuPont

Western Michigan Local Section

Planning and organizing the 2012 Chemistry at the Mall event to bring chemistry/chemistry demonstrations to the general public. Lou took over running Chemistry at the Mall in 2012 with great success. A number of the volunteers and participants commented on how well the event was organized and how favorable it compared to previous years. Lou did take ownership of this event and made it his own to share with the public and volunteers for 2012 and year to come.

Image of Louis E. DuPont

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