Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year - 2013

Shawn W. Feiock

Erie Local Section

Shawn has been significantly involved with two Erie section activities, which was the motivation for this award. The first is that Shawn has been consistently involved with our annual National Chemistry Week event at the Millcreek Mall, helping to organize the demonstrations this year and by bringing several of his high school students to volunteer for the event for the past several years. The second is that Shawn has been our local Chemistry Olympiad Coordinator for the past three years, which involves a considerable amount of time and energy. Therefore, Shawn is truly deserving of this award.

Image of Shawn W. Feiock

Connie Gabel

Colorado Local Section

Dr. Connie Gabel, a Councilor in the Colorado ACS Local Section (2011-present) and past Chair of the Section (2008) is most deserving of an Outreach Volunteer of the Year Award. Her outstanding work as the meeting chair for the 2012 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting contributed to the success of the meeting due to her excellent planning and execution. This year she also organized Chemistry teacher workshops, served as the Section’s Education Chair, and presented chemistry demonstrations to more than 700 elementary students. She is a tireless volunteer and is a wonderful ambassador for the Colorado Section and ACS.

Image of Connie Gabel

Greglynn D. Gibbs

Lehigh Valley Local Section

Greglynn Gibbs has been a wonderful volunteer for the Lehigh Valley section in 2012. Among numerous other activities, Greglynn served as Lehigh Valley Public Relations Chair (attending ACS Sparkle Communications training), as the Lehigh Valley unofficial Student Chapter Liaison, and as an ACS Science Coach to Muhlenberg High School. Greglynn has mentored and advised the Penn State Berks Chemical Society, including planning major volunteer activities, finding speakers, as well as networking, attending local networking events, and building partnerships with a dozen organizations. She held résumé, career/internship/REU, and scholarship workshops for students, as well as assisting with grad school, REU, internship, scholarship and other applications.

Image of Greglynn D. Gibbs

Carol J. Grimes

Orange County Local Section

Carol is the chair of our Education Committee and is truly the heart of our Local Section. She helps make our National Chemistry Week celebration one of the best in California, not to mention her outreach events in Orange County.

Image of Carol J. Grimes

James Harrington

North Carolina Local Section

Dr. Harrington (James) served in a crucial leadership capacity for two large outreach activities for the North Carolina Section. First, he led a team of volunteers that conducted hands-on chemical demonstrations in celebration of National Chemistry Week. Over 4,000 people attended this event, which was held in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. In addition, he also led a team of volunteers at Durham's weeklong Festival for the Eno River celebration. Over the course of this summertime festival, thousands of people stopped by our tent to learn about chemistry and participate in hands-on chemistry activities.

Image of James Harrington

Eckhard W. Hellmuth

Kansas City Local Section

Dr. Hellmuth, an emeritus professor in his 80s, has been the most devoted volunteer in the ACS-Kansas City section for the past twenty years. It is not exaggerating to say that he is the one who has kept the local section alive. The activities he has organized so far this year include: 1) Spencer Award Symposium (at ACS national meeting) and reception (at Kansas City); 2) ACS-KC awards to local high school teachers and students; 3) ACS Project Seed in the KC area; 4) Local section events (seminars, winery tour, water-plant tour, etc).

Image of Eckhard W. Hellmuth

William H. Hohman

Upper Ohio Valley Local Section

For the past 12 years, Dr. Hohman has served as the coordinator of our section's National Chemistry Week (NCW) activity. This event takes place at a booth in our local mall and involves a series of hands-on experiments related to the year's NCW theme. It has become a popular attraction for local grade school students; this past fall over 75 students attended along with many of their parents and teachers. Local college students and faculty volunteer to staff the booth. Dr. Hohman is responsible for selecting and organizing the experiments, obtaining the needed materials, and purchasing the prizes and giveaways.

Image of William H. Hohman

Jordan M. Kaiser

Joliet Local Section

Jordan is the president of the American Chemical Society student affiliate chapter and has played a key role in the integration of the students into the local section of ACS. He has organized student led symposium as well as activities to get children involved in science by leading the Chemistry booth at the Kidz-fest event. This year for national chemistry week he coordinated a periodic table bake sale where the proceeds went to support a local high school to subsidize their supply budget. In addition he coordinated a Chemistry/Physics demo show for the local and university community.

Image of Jordan M. Kaiser

Christopher Klug

Savannah River Local Section

Dr. Klug has been an active volunteer with the Savannah River Section and its YCC component for the last two years. This year, he led the ACS booth and nanotechnology chemistry demonstrations at the 27th Annual Science Education Enrichment Day at the University of South Carolina in Aiken, with an attendance of over 3500 locals. Dr. Klug also co-led the National Chemistry Week events for ACS-SR at the Western Carolina State Fair and helped develop additional nanotechnology demonstrations for a Hispanic Outreach event at Casa Esperanza in North Augusta, an extremely poor community of working Latino immigrants.

Image of Christopher Klug

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