Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year - 2013

Jingbo Louise Liu

Texas A&M Local Section

Louise Liu is an outstanding educator, who has motivated all, particularly female and minority students to stay in the STEM disciplines. She was secretary/treasurer for 2011 and totally re-worked the treasures ledger into Excel to match ACS Forms. This makes life a lot easier for all successive office holders. She has promoted the ACS, here, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Japan and China on her visits overseas and attracted Drs. Jackson (2010 President), Alivisatos (Director, LBNL) to give video-talks. She is smart, energetic with a sense of humor, and spoke with Dr. Wu (President-Elect) about giving a talk to the local section.

Image of Jingbo Louise Liu

S. Joy Logan

Syracuse Local Section

Joy started volunteering with the Syracuse Section this year and quickly became a leader in our group. She served as Education Chair this year and in that role helped to organize Earth Day, Education Night, and National Chemistry Week Activities for the Section, three of the largest events held this year. Joy was also involved in the 2011 Innovative Program Grant and completed the summary report for that program. It is an honor to nominate Joy for her contributions to the Syracuse Section.

Image of S. Joy Logan

Sheryl J. Loux

St. Louis Local Section

Since 2008, Sheryl Loux has done an enormous amount of excellent work in the community promoting chemistry to young people. She runs three activities for the St. Louis Section, the Kids and Chemistry Program at the St. Louis Science Center during National Chemistry Week which reaches ~1300 individuals, the Chemistry is Phun Program which grew from 393 children in 2008 to 2011 when almost 1,500 children in 17 schools were involved and the Science Fairs Chemistry Program wherein she coordinates the judging, awards and much other work for three major science fairs in the Eastern MO/Western IL region.

Image of Sheryl J. Loux

James A. Manner

Pittsburgh Local Section

Jim was an active member of the ACS from 1964 until his untimely death this October. Jim was very active nationally and locally with Project SEED. He was very involved in PJAS and other science fairs serving as a judge, society representative, and assisting with coordination wherever was needed. Jim personally updated our Bylaws and helped the section retain its 501-3c status. Jim served in the office of Councilor, and he was a personal counselor to new active members of the Section. His unparalleled guidance/mentorship, especially to Chairs, has had a huge impact on many programs that were successfully instituted.

Image of James A. Manner

Julann Miller

San Diego Local Section

Julann Miller is an active San Diego Section volunteer, engaging the local community since she helped organize the 2007 Western Regional Meeting. In 2012 alone she served as: -Section’s coordinator for the 2012 ACS Spring National Meeting in San Diego (booth design, promotions, volunteers) Earth Day booth coordinator (publicity, volunteers) -Co-organizer of the section’s annual picnic -Co-chair of the section’s ChemExpo (annual National Chemistry Week celebration) -Host of the ACS registration and outreach tables at local section events -Chair of the Communications Committee (e-mail notices, web and LinkedIn sites) -Responsible for issuing printed election reminders to 2,700 members.

Image of Julann Miller

David Nalewajek

Western New York Local Section

Dave is a long-time outreach volunteer for the Western New York section. His activities this year alone as representative of ACS include 11 school demonstrations, work at Chemistry AP Exams, Science Bowl competitions and science fairs. His outreach last year at St. Mary's School for the Deaf, teaching students to present chemistry demonstrations, won his team an ACS ChemLuminary Award, and this year he has been back to St. Mary's 9 times training students to present The Case of the Unsigned Letter, a CSI-style mystery. Dave is instrumental in securing ongoing corporate sponsorship, by Honeywell, for our annual Chemistry Olympiad.

Image of David Nalewajek

Linda V. Osborn

Indiana Local Section

Linda Osborn was an extraordinary volunteer for the Indiana Section this year. She volunteered for many of our events but what she has contributed for the Play Room project was outstanding. She recruited her family members, coworkers and other and engage them in the playroom renovation and creation process. She helped with the National Chemistry Week,she was a speaker at our annual awards event, she was a Project Seed Mentor and she is one of the volunteers for the Outreach Program that Indiana Section is putting together for the upcoming 2013 Fall ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis.

Image of Linda V. Osborn

Mark W. Peczuh

Connecticut Valley Local Section

From his first election to the Executive Board of the Section through his rise to Chair and beyond, Mark has been involved in nearly every aspect of the Section. A former Burlew Award recipient, Mark, with others, has continued to organize the Section's Science Day at the Connecticut Science Center; has pushed to have the Section promote and support undergraduate research and has taken a very active role in the continued organization and running of his local section.

Image of Mark W. Peczuh

Sally Peters

Santa Clara Valley Local Section

Sally has made outstanding contributions to public outreach on behalf of ACS. She has traveled extensively speaking on the chemistry of chocolate, both through ACS-sponsored speaker tours, as well as during her personal travels. Sally performs chocolate chemistry outreach at every ACS SciMix. Sally continually grows our local volunteer base by sending welcome letters to new section members and personally recruiting volunteers. As ChemOlympiad Chair, Sally rallies hundreds of California schools to make ChemOlympiad a thriving success every year for Santa Clara Valley. The Santa Clara Valley section of the ACS wholeheartedly recommends Sally Peters for 2013 Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year.

Image of Sally Peters

JaimeLee Iolani Rizzo

New York Local Section

JaimeLee is the 2012 Chair of the New York Section. She has been very active in the section for the past several years. She serves on or is Chair of the following NY Section Committees: 1. Nichols Medal Jury 2. Nominating Committee 3. Finance Committee 4. Program Committee 5. Long Range Planning Committee 6. Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 7. National Chemistry Week 8. Fellows Committee 9. The Indicator Committee

Image of JaimeLee Iolani Rizzo

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