Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year - 2013

Kristine Samaria Smetana

Virginia Local Section

Dr. Smetana has served many roles in Virginia section; currently Alternate Councilor and Chair of the Community Activities Committee. She coordinates NCW and CCED activities for the Section. This year she was awarded ACS Chemluminary Award for Outstanding Community Involvement in CCED. Activities were held at the Science Museum, a Math and Science Fair, ‘Fool for Art and the Environment’ event, and local schools featuring science activities covering all quarters of IYC. Kristine coordinates NCW events at the Richmond Science Museum. She runs an active chemistry club at John Tyler to get students actively involved in helping children learn science!

Image of Kristine Samaria Smetana

Maurice Edward Snook

Northeast Georgia Local Section

Dr. Maurice Snook has been a USDA/ARS chemist since 1973, working as a retiree in such agency for the last few years. He has been a tier 2 judge at Georgia State and Regional High School Science Fairs for 20 years. Dr. Snook has performed his Chemical Magic Show at all the elementary and middle schools in the Athens/Georgia area and at local park facilities in Athens Clarke and surrounding counties since 1976, benefiting about 30 schools/year. For many years, he has worked with educators, Cub Scout leaders, and youth groups by offering, among other things, demonstrations and educational shows.

Image of Maurice Edward Snook

Daniel Scott Stelck

Washington-Idaho Border Local Section

Dr. Stelck has been a tireless organizer of outreach activities for our section. He runs the "Curious Chemistry Show" (which draws > 200 attendees), as well as the "Chemistry Sleuth Idaho" chemistry day camp for middle schoolers. Annually he organizes the Earth Day Poetry Contest, that had a winner from our section in 2011. He is the treasurer/secretary of our section and never fails to bring his upbeat and helpful attitude to his duties. He has helped revitalize our section in recent years by enhancing recruitment and being proactive in our interactions with graduate and undergraduate students.

Image of Daniel Scott Stelck

Michael A. Stemniski

Delaware Local Section

Mike Stemniski, a 50-year ACS member, has performed over 400 science demonstrations locally, regionally & nationally. In 2012 alone, he will have given six demonstrations reaching nearly 1500 children & adults. He organizes and proctors ACS exams for the local section, manages the Delaware state chemistry exam which is used to award prizes to the top high school students in Delaware, and serves as a judge and event supervisor for Science Olympiads. He has held numerous positions in the Delaware Section, including Chair, and is currently on the ChemVets Steering Committee & the Delaware Academy of Chemical Sciences board.

Image of Michael A. Stemniski

James D. Stickler

Western Maryland Local Section

Dr. Stickler has helped tremendously in volunteering his time to reach out to our community during the past year. He has helped to arrange and organize our sections presentations and meeting. In doing so, he has managed our finances effectively. Dr. Stickler has also volunteered to purchase items on his own time that were needed for several of our events. He has also presented during our National Chemistry Week event. His hard work and dedication to the success of our Local Sections outreach programs earns him the distinction of being selected for this volunteer award from the ACS.

Image of James D. Stickler

Gloria M. Story

Cincinnati Local Seciton

Gloria is a perennial motivational force in our local section outreach activities - her unflagging volunteerism has impacted many programs, including NCW, educational grants, membership drives, Bring Your Child to Work chemistry demos, and synergizing efforts with other scientific organizations. She is active out front with the public, and behind the scenes with logistics. She models a “can do” attitude and seeks to promote chemistry and science wherever she can. Our section honored Gloria with our Outstanding Service Award in the past, and she is the first person we wish to honor with the Volunteer of the Year inaugural award.

Image of Gloria M. Story

Juan Suárez

Puerto Rico Local Section

Dr. Juan Suárez is faculty member at University of Puerto Rico at Humacao and Advisor of its Student Chapter. He has been an outstanding ACS member and a volunteer for for more than twenty years. His collaborations for the celebration of the National Chemistry Week, SERMACS 2009 and 2011-IUPAC World Chemistry Congress have been invaluable. His demonstrations at our Festival de Química are always surprising ones: from wrapping our participants in giant bubbles to big and noisy rockets. Because Dr. Suárez has been a reliable collaborator the Puerto Rico Local Section wants to recognize him as an extraordinary outreach volunteer.

Image of Juan Suárez

Douglas A. Taylor

South Jersey Local Section

Doug has been a tireless advocate for outreach in the community. He is extensively involved in outreach regarding STEM education and involvement of underrepresented students. Doug routinely serves as representative of the section to local science fairs and events.

Image of Douglas A. Taylor

Kathleen (Kathy) Thrush Shaginaw

Philadelphia Local Section

Kathy Shaginaw, Philadelphia ACS, has been very active within the section through her leadership of Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science™ (PAGES™) which is an award-winning program that gives sixth-grade girls hands-on experience with science. Kathy’s active involvement has resulted in a highly successful program, with support by the Philadelphia Section of the ACS, Philadelphia Section of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) and Northeastern Montgomery County and Makefield Area Branches of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Kathy has been active as a director and councilor for the Philadelphia section. Kathy has been chair of Women Chemists Committee.

Image of Kathleen (Kathy) Thrush Shaginaw

Stephen S. C. Tong

Corning Local Section

Stephen Tong, a retired chemist from Corning Incorporated is involved with ACS outreach programs for K-12 grades for over 25 years. He is in charge of Corning Inc. Partners in Education program, works with several school districts to perform in-class scientific experiments, gives career talks entitled "Joy to be a chemist" every year. Besides arranging the Corning Inc. summer internship program Dr. Tong heads the 40 hours long "Corning Summer Experience Program for High School Students". He organizes ACS Chemistry Week for last ten years. He is responsible for the New Vision Engineering program, Steuben County BOCES.

Image of Stephen S. C. Tong

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