Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year - 2013

Jerry Walsh

Central North Carolina Local Section

Dr. Jerry Walsh plays an indispensable role in the Central North Carolina Section's annual celebration of National Chemistry Week. Each year, Dr. Walsh recruits, organizes, and leads a group of student members who conduct chemical demonstrations which are one of the highlights of the Chemistry Day event held at the local Girl Scout Learning Center.

Image of Jerry Walsh

Dorothea S. Wells

Central Texas Local Section

Dodie is a retired teacher who is actively involved in our Local Section’s CCED and NCW activities. She has been teaching and leading all levels of volunteers year after year in order to carry out both activities successfully. Both activities require commitment and dedication. She always plans ahead and carries full final responsibility. Not only is she a hands-on volunteer, she also is able to lead the other volunteers. Dodie has been essential to the CCED and NCW activities, organizing each activity booth and constantly finding new booth activities each year.

Image of Dorothea S. Wells

Desiree C. Wineland

Nebraska Local Section

The Nebraska Section Outreach Volunteer of 2013, Desiree Wineland, was among the inaugural ACS Science Coaches at her local middle school and featured in the September 12, 2011 issue of CEN. Desiree also started the ACS Chem/Ag Club at Cambridge High School arranging field trips to the agriculture laboratory to celebrate ACS National Lab week, planting trees in support of ACS Earth Day, and raising funds to award seven scholarships to graduating seniors. This past Spring Desiree helped two elementary science teachers organize the Cambridge Science Fair for K-6 students, securing funding from the section and serving as a judge.

Image of Desiree C. Wineland

Ruth A. Woodall

Nashville Local Section

In her years of involvement with the Nashville Local Section, Ruth has served many roles and has consistently reached out to our local community. She has served as the Chair of National Chemistry Week as well as Earth Day for 10+ years and has planned and implemented outstanding events in these years. Ruth is an exceptional advocate for the ACS; she chairs both the Executive and State Committees for TN Government Affairs Committee. Additionally, she is a wonderful mentor and seeks out opportunities for those new to the Nashville Section. Ruth's work has resulted in serveral ChemLuminary Awards.

Image of Ruth A. Woodall

Lauren S. Wugalter

Southern Arizona Local Section

Ms. Wugalter is an extremely active member of our local section. She has been the Student Member Outreach Coordinator for the past three years. During that time, she has increased student participation in such diverse community events as student run magic shows for local public schools and community run environmental household hazardous waste clean-up events. She has also encouraged student members to become actively involved with the local section. Through her efforts, we now have more students consistently attending our executive committee meetings opening up more lines of communication to address student concerns. We sincerely appreciate all of her efforts.

Image of Lauren S. Wugalter

Elaine S. Yamaguchi

California Local Section

Dr. Elaine Yamaguchi for her decades of efforts at building our communities of chemists and our face to the communities we live in. Elaine has been the driver behind presentations at Girls Go Tech, Expanding Your Horizons, CCED, and NCW. She shaped our WCC into the dynamic group that it is today and is well-known for mentoring students. Elaine is the driving force behind our annual program of several dozen Project SEED students, scouring institutions for mentors and students and serving as the fund-raiser. Her activities have resulted in at least three ChemLuminary Awards to the section over 10 years.

Image of Elaine S. Yamaguchi

Sandra K. Young

Maryland Local Section

Sandy Young puts tremendous time, effort and passion into making chemistry accessible and less mysterious to the Maryland public, particularly for primary education. She personally develops and runs numerous outreach efforts, bringing ACS programs (NCW, Chemistry-in-the-Library, Kids & Chemistry, Earth Day) to schools, libraries and other public venues. Additionally Sandy runs the prestigious DoD sponsored GEMS program at her workplace, inspiring high school students toward careers in STEM. Through Sandy’s outreach efforts, Maryland ACS has reached every county in the section, > 20,000 students, parents, teachers and librarians since 1999. She is an outstanding volunteer who impresses and inspires everyone.

Image of Sandra K. Young

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