Tips for Planning your Science Café

  • Consider your audience—Most science cafés are geared toward non scientists in your community. So be sure to choose speakers and topics that will be appealing for your target audience.
  • Consider the size of your audience—for your first few events you may have a smaller attendance than you will in the future. Expect 30-50 for your first few meetings. If you continue to hold your science cafés regularly, your audience will likely grow by word of mouth. Many local sections report attendance of 150-200 for well established programs.
  • Consider the format of your science café—Do you want to have a sole speaker, or a group of speakers for a panel discussion? Do you want to include visual aids such as videos or PowerPoint or restrict their use? Do you want to include trivia as part of your event?
  • Use a sample timeline to plan your science café—Don’t know where to start? This sample timeline will give you an idea of what is involved and how to plan it.