Evaluating your Science Café

Evaluation of your science café is an important step in continuing to hold successful science cafés, so don’t overlook it. Evaluate each science café, so you can learn what worked and what didn’t and apply lessons learned to your next event.

Questions to Ask of Yourself and Your Planning Team

  • How many people attended the science café?
  • Did your audience include a variety of people, or were the people from only one demographic?
  • Was the audience engaged in the conversation?
  • How many people stayed for the discussion portion of the evening?
  • What worked at the science café?
  • What would you change for the next science café?

Get Input from the Audience

In addition to the questions above about your observation of the audience consider conducting a quick survey of the audience during and after the event. Have paper surveys available and/or offer the survey online. There are several online survey tools, many with free options. Adapt this sample survey to serve your needs.