Science Cafés

Science Cafes

Engage your Local Section in the Science Café movement! If you are looking to plan an activity for your Local Section beyond just the ordinary monthly meeting, consider organizing a Science Café.

Help to promote scientific literacy among local citizens while invigorating your Local Section and stimulating thinking among nonscientists about questions of the day that have a scientific underpinning.

Science Cafés provide a relaxed, open venue for nonscientists and scientists to discuss current topics. Cafés are often held in coffee shops, bars, restaurants or bookstores, anywhere people gather. Science Cafés increase science literacy in communities across America. Cafés focus on a specific topic and can include a variety of approaches: a single speaker, a panel discussion, or include a video or trivia. They usually consist of a speaker or speakers and a group discussion. Read more about the background of the Science Café movement. And see some examples of science café held by local sections in the Science Café group on the ACS Network.

For more information and resources see the ACS Science Café Toolkit.

Apply for a Science Café Mini-Grant - Local Sections can receive funding up to $500.
Upcoming deadline: May 31, 2016

If you were awarded this mini-grant for your last Science Café, you must send a summary report before applying again.