Online Speaker Directory

Dating back to 1936, the ACS Speaker Service was a popular program that provides ACS members as speakers on a variety of technical and non-technical topics at Local Section meetings.

In 2010, this service was transitioned to an Online Speaker Directory. Local Section officers and planners can peruse the profiles of highly qualified professionals and work directly with speakers to plan the details of their speaking engagement.

To learn more about this service please read "ACS Speaker Service Changes."  To gain full access to the directory, you may submit a request to

All costs of speaker engagements will be borne by the Local Section. It's the Local Section’s responsibility to reimburse the speaker for all agreed-upon travel expenses. ACS will provide a travel stipend of up to $400 (total - not per speaker) after receiving an evaluation form.

Are you interested in becoming a speaker?  Please contact us at 202-872-6326 or

Planning Resources

How to use the Speaker Directory – this document is a “How to” guide to using the ACS Online Speaker Directory. It gives comprehensive instructions on how to use the directory and how to follow-up after the speakers’ visit.

Speaker Event Planning Checklist – this sheet provides a checklist of pointers and tips that you may find useful as you prepare for your speakers’ visit. We encourage you to use this document as it will help you to have a successful meeting.

Speaker Planning Things to Consider – this document contains items you may wish to consider when planning a speaking engagement.

Planning Effective Events – this PowerPoint presentation provides effective tips to assist you with planning effective events for your local section.

Speaker Service Evaluation Form – this evaluation form should be distributed to all in attendance of your local section meeting. The feedback is very useful to us as we like to hear how well our speakers are doing.

Former Speaker Service Circuit Map – this map shows the traditional ACS Tour Circuits. You may use this map to help you to identify the neighboring sections that your section has previously worked with to schedule a tour.

Local Section Map – this map highlights all of the ACS local sections. You may use this map to identify local sections that are near you but you have not traditionally worked with them to schedule a speaker tour.

Local Section Look-up – this search engine will allow you to find the Executive Committee of the ACS local sections that you may wish to partner with to plan a speaking engagement. You can search by state or zip code.