The disclosure page is a list of questions presented to the submitter regarding the abstract submission. The questions are answered by simply selecting YES or NO for each question or selecting from a set of options.

Below are some of the questions included on the disclosure page:

  • Are you submitting your abstract in response to the Call for Papers, or from a specific invitation to present?
  • Are the criteria outlined in ACS Bylaw VI, Section 6(3) met? (For contributed papers only.)
  • If the abstract is accepted, will the presenting author register for the meeting and make the presentation (oral or poster) based on this abstract?
  • If the presenting author (or co-author) cannot attend the meeting, will the abstract be withdrawn from the national meeting?
  • If the abstract is not withdrawn from the meeting and is not presented at the meeting the abstract will be withdrawn from the online program and CAS.
  • This abstract will only be submitted once to the national meeting.
  • Do you have any equipment needs (All technical session rooms are equipped with LCD projector with VGA connection cable and switcher, Screen, Laser pointer, and Lighted podium with microphone)
  • Do you have comments to organizers?
  • What presentation method do you prefer?
  • Should your abstract be considered for a Sci-Mix?

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