Getting Setup as an Abstract Submitter

In order for you to submit an abstract you must have an ACS ID. If you have ever signed in at then you already have an ACS ID. You can use the same ACS ID you use to log into the ACS Homepage to submit an abstract.

How to Get an ACS ID

If you do not already have an ACS ID:

  1. Go to the PACS login page at
  2. Click Registering is easy
  3. Create your username and password, and select the appropriate relationship to ACS
  4. When you have successfully created an ACS ID, return to the PACS login page at and sign-in

How to Submit an Abstract

  1. Go to the PACS login page at
  2. Log in using your ACS ID
  3. Select a meeting on the landing page
  4. Click “Submit an Abstract”