Submission Instructions

On the Submission Instructions page you can find:

  • detailed instructions on how to navigate through the submission site
  • links to program chair and symposium organizer contact information
  • links to division and committee abstract submission deadlines

Navigation Instructions

  1. Click the button on the left side of the screen and complete each section. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions within each section. When the section is completed, you will see a green check ().
  2. Save your work by clicking Save on each page. This does not submit your abstract for review. Be sure to save your work before logging off the site.
  3. You can log off at any time without submitting your abstract. You may return to the site at any time prior to the submission deadline to edit your abstract, even if you have submitted your abstract.
  4. Verify that your abstract is correct by clicking Preview Abstract.
  5. Print out and proofread the abstract preview to verify that it is correct before completing the submission.
  6. Click Submit ONLY when you have completed your abstract and it is the final draft.