Tables (optional)

Tables are optional for abstract submissions. You are allowed a maximum of 2 tables and/or figures. A table counts for a total of 70 words and counts towards the allowed 300 words for the abstract body.

Create a table

  1. Enter the number of columns and number of rows of your table. (The maximum number of columns is 8.)
  2. Click Create
  3. Once the table is created, you may add, delete, and edit the individual cells of your table (You may add Greek characters, special symbols, and special formatting to your table by using the character insert options)
  4. When you have finished creating your table click Save

Edit a Table

  • You can edit a table by clicking the Edit Table icon()
  • You can preview the table by clicking the Preview Table icon ()
  • You can delete a table by clicking the Delete Table icon ()

Add Table to Abstract Body

To include a table within your submission, you must use a Table ID tag in the abstract body.

  1. Enter the Table ID tag with brackets - i.e. [table1] or [table2]- in the abstract body where you would like your table displayed. (PLEASE NOTE: Table ID tags are case sensitive and need to be in lowercase type without spaces).
  2. Preview your submission and table location by using the Preview link from the left navigation bar.

Click Save to save the information. To move to the previous or next page click Previous and Next respectively. (PLEASE NOTE: The pages will automatically save the information on the page when you click Previous or Next.)