Glossary of Terms

Moderator — session Presider

Pub number — final paper number

Session title — symposium title

Session subtitle — session title

Session topic —thematic programming topic

Session track — session section (A, B, C, etc)

Supporter — cosponsor

Email Reserved Words

Program Area – [ProgramArea]

Session Title – [SessionTitle]

Session Type – [SessionType]

Abstract ID – [AbstractConfirmationNum]

Abstract Title – [AbstractTitle]

First Name – [RecipientFirstName]

Last Name – [RecipientLastName]

Cosponsor Types

Cooperative — two groups jointly arranges the event, contributes to its programming and may share financial responsibilities

Nominal — a group lends its name and symbol as a cosponsor but has no involvement in the programming and no financial obligations

Financial — an outside group that only lend financial assistance or has no role in planning the session

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