Assigning Symposium Organizers

Symposium organizers are required for all sessions.

  1. From the Dashboard click Sessions or Assign Abstracts under Session Assignment
  2. Choose the session to which you wish to assign a Symposium Organizer
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click on the magnifying glass () next to the box labeled Symposium Organizer
  5. Filter the list by searching the name of the person you wish to assign
  6. Select the check box next to the name of the person you wish to assign
  7. Click Assign

Symposium organizer will have access to the symposium immediately. Repeat for all Symposium Organizers you wish to assign.

If You Cannot Find an Organizer

If you cannot find the name of the organizer you wish to assign, they will need to log in to PACS at using their ACS ID. For more information please direct the symposium organizer to Getting Set up as a Symposium Organizer.