Creating New Symposia/Sessions

  1. From the Dashboard click Sessions under Session Assignment
  2. Click Create New Session

  1. Add session information:
  • Session Code – enter a session code (PLEASE NOTE: Use the naming convention for the Session Code, which is the acronym of the division plus a 3-digit number, i.e. INOR004. The system will not allow you to use a Session Code more than once)
  • Session Title (Symposium Title) – enter a symposium title (title should be consistent with the other sessions within that symposium)
  • Session Subtitle (Session Title) – enter a session title (if necessary)
  • Session Description – include any session description information for submitters, including whether the symposium is invited or contributed
  • Program Area – this should default to the program area you are currently accessing
  • Session Type – select Oral, Poster, or Sci-Mix
  • Symposium Organizers – assign symposium organizers

The following can be added when the sessions have been completed by the organizers:

  • Session Supporters – nominal, cooperative, financial
  • Session Topics – thematic related topics
  • Session Track (Section) – room assignment for even programming
  • Session Half Day – AM, PM, EVE
  • Session Date
  • Session Start Time – enter the start time in 24-hour format e.g. 14:00 NOT 2:00
  • Session Duration – enter a duration for poster sessions only.(Oral session durations will be auto-calculated by the system based on abstract presentation times)
  • Moderators (Session Presiders) – oral sessions only
  • Expected Attendance – assists Meetings Department determine room size for session
  • Session Status – change status to “cancelled” for session that are no longer in use
  • Newsworthy – enter details on why the session is newsworthy
  1. Click Save

Repeat these steps for each symposium/session that needs to be created.