Custom Reports and Exports

Custom reports and program exports are available to view or export to help you finalize your program.


Draft Final Program — download your complete final program

Export Separates — download the abstracts submitted to your session as well as a table of contents

Custom Reports

  1. From the Dashboard click Custom Report under Administration
  2. Select a Custom Report to run

Abstract Disposition Report – shows the disposition of all submitted abstracts

Abstracts With No Duration Time – shows abstracts without a presentation duration

Disclosure Report – shows submitter responses from the disclosure page

Document Missing Pre Prints – shows which abstracts are missing preprints

Document Pre Print — shows all information related to preprints

Documents Without Abstract Text — shows abstracts that have no abstract text

Documents Without Final Dispositions (Grade) — shows abstracts that haven’t been graded (accept/reject)

Documents Without Sessions — shows unassigned abstracts

Estimated Seating Report — shows estimated attendance numbers for all oral sessions

Moderator Report – shows all the moderators for each session

Preferred Presentation/Session Conflicts — shows abstract that have been assigned to sessions of a type that is not compatible with their document's preferred presentation format

Preliminary Program Report — shows session times and locations

Program Areas Without Users — shows program areas that have not had users assigned to manage them

Program Chair Report — shows the assigned program chairs as well as submission and symposium organizer deadlines

Sci-Mix Sessions Report — shows abstracts that wish to be considered for Sci-Mix inclusion

Session Abstract Count Report — shows the number of submitted abstracts assigned to each session

Sessions Missing Estimated Attendance — shows sessions that do not have their estimated seating defined

Sessions Without Durations — shows sessions that have either no defined duration, or a duration of zero

Sessions Without Organizers — shows sessions that do not have any symposium organizers assigned to them

Supporters (Cosponsors) — shows the supporters that are assigned to sessions and program areas

Suspected Duplicates Report — shows abstracts with titles that are similar, that may be duplicate abstracts—uses a 70% fuzzy match—runs weekly due to the size of the process

Symposium Organizers Report — shows the sessions each to which each symposium organizer is assigned

Unscheduled Sessions — shows sessions that are missing a start date, start time, or both

User Schedule Conflicts — shows users (organizers and submitters) that are scheduled for multiple tasks within the same half-day