Finalizing Sessions

Finalize your program by assigning presentation times, arranging abstracts in the order they are to be presented, and including intermissions in your sessions as necessary.

  • Move abstracts within the session by selecting the check box next to the appropriate abstract(s) and using the up and down () arrows to move the abstracts as needed. (Multiple abstracts can be selected and moved simultaneously.)
  • Change presentation durations as needed in the duration text field next to each abstract. (Durations default to 20 minutes upon submission.)
  • Add non-technical events (Introductory Remarks, Intermission…) can be added by clicking Add Program Activity:
  1. Select appropriate event(s) to add by selecting the check box(es)
  2. Edit event titles as necessary
  3. Edit event durations as necessary
  4. Click Add

(Add new events by typing the title and duration into the empty row)