Sci-Mix is designed to be a large meeting-wide poster event held on Monday evening at 8:00 PM with posters contributed by each participating division.

Participation in Sci-Mix is optional. Divisions participate in Sci-Mix by contributing posters (either selected from oral or posters presentations). The number of posters may not exceed 20 posters or 10% of the total number of papers in a division, whichever is larger.

Creating a Sci-Mix Session

  1. From the Dashboard click Sessions under Session Assignment
  2. Click Create New Session

  1. Add session information:
  • Session Code – enter a session code (PLEASE NOTE: Use the naming convention for the Session Code, which is the acronym of the division plus a 3-digit number, e.g. INOR004. The system will not allow you to use a Session Code more than once)
  • Session Title (Symposium Title) – enter Sci-Mix
  • Session Type – select Sci-Mix
  • Select the checkbox marked Sci-Mix

Copying Abstracts to Sci-Mix

  1. From the Dashboard click Assign Abstracts under Session Assignment
  2. Click on the Sci-Mix session
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click the plus () button (A list of all abstracts submitted to the division will appear)
  5. Select the box(es) next to the abstract(s) you wish to add to the Sci-Mix session
  6. Click Assign then Finish