What to Do Before the Final Deadline (Checklist)

Before the deadline make sure that you have checked that all required information for your program is complete.


  • all sessions are set up correctly:

-Session Date

-Session Start Time

-Session Duration

-Session Half-Day (AM/PM/EVE)

-Session Type (Oral/Poster/Sci-Mix)

-Estimated Attendance

-Session Track (Room Assignments)

  • all sessions have symposium organizers assigned
  • moderators have been assigned for oral sessions only
  • all abstracts are either accepted or rejected
  • presentation durations for oral abstracts have been set
  • abstracts are in the order in which they are to be presented
  • non-technical events (intermissions, etc) have been added where needed
  • cosponsorships have been added where applicable
  • run necessary reports:

-suspected duplicates

-user schedule conflicts (presenter conflicts)

-preferred presentation/session conflicts

You will have access to make edits to your program until your final program deadline. It is your responsibility to make sure your program is finalized by the deadline. Once the final program deadline has passed no edits will be allowed with the exception of abstract withdrawals.