Abstract Review (Accept/Reject)

All abstracts must be assigned a disposition of Accept or Reject.

(PLEASE NOTE: Abstracts not assigned the proper disposition may not receive acceptance and scheduling notices and may not be included in the program.)

Make Final Disposition for Each Abstract

  1. From the Dashboard click Decisions under Review
  2. Click on the Abstract ID number to preview each abstract if needed
  3. Select Accept or Reject from the dropdown list for each abstract
  4. Click Save

Download PDF of Abstracts for Review Offline

To download abstracts:

  1. Select the box(es) next to the abstract(s) you wish to review
  2. Click Download PDF

Save the file to your computer or print the abstracts for review

(PLEASE NOTE: The maximum number of abstracts you can download at once is 300.The more abstracts you attempt to download the longer it takes to process the PDFs.)