Creating and Sending Emails

As a symposium organizer you can send emails to Presenting Authors and Session Presiders (moderators).

Create an Email

  1. From the Dashboard click Manage E-mail under Notifications
  2. Click Create New Email
  3. Collaboration Information Section
  • Name — include the acronym for your division and a name that will be identifiable to you for the message (e.g. INOR Acceptance Message)
  • Description — information to further identify the message
  • Type — leave as email
  • Owner — leave as project
  1. Email Content Section
  • From — enter your name or email address
  • To, CC, BCC — leave blank (If you would like someone else in your division to get the message besides the authors, CC and BCC will send a copy of each email sent out to the email listed in the field)
  • Subject — enter the subject of the email
  • Body — enter or paste the body of the email (PLEASE NOTE: Reserved words can be used within the body to include abstract or session specific information) See Glossary of Terms for a list of reserved words
  1. Click Save

Sending Email

  1. From the Dashboard click Notifications under Notification
  2. Notification Selection
  • Notification — select the message you created
  • Role to Notify — select Presenter / Session Moderator
  • Program Area — select your program area if not already selected
  • Disposition — select a disposition:
    - All Dispositions – email will be sent to oral, poster, and Sci-Mix presenters/session presiders
    - Oral – email will be sent to oral presenters/session presiders only
    - Poster – email will be sent to poster presenters
    - Sci-Mix – email will be sent to Sci-Mix presenters
  • Session to Notify — select the sessions you wish to send the email to (PLEASE NOTE: If no sessions are selected, no messages will be sent.)
  1. Click Save
  2. Select the box(es) next to the messages created and click Send Notification. (The system will record the time and date the message was sent.)