Creating New Sessions

After the abstract submission deadline has passed for your division/committee, you will need to create half day sessions of your symposium. Before you can create a new session, you must first unassign at least one abstract you wish to assign to a new session from its current session.

Unassigning Abstracts

  1. From the Dashboard click Assign Abstracts under Session Assignment
  2. Click on the session that contains the abstract(s) you wish to unassign
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select the box(es) next to the abstract(s) you wish to unassign
  5. Click the minus () button. (This will remove them from the session and make them available for re-assignment)
  6. Click Save

Assigning Abstracts to New Session

  1. From the Dashboard click Assign Sessions under Session Assignment
  2. Select the appropriate abstract(s) from the list of unassigned abstracts to use to create a session
  3. Click Assign (A new session will be created)
  4. Add the session code, title, and type. (PLEASE NOTE: Use the naming convention for the Session Code, which is the acronym of the division plus a 3-digit number, e.g. INOR004 or INOR004b.)
  5. Click Save