Submitting Late Abstracts

As a symposium organizer you have the ability to create new (empty) abstracts before the division/committee abstract submission deadline so that you may submit the abstracts after the deadline has passed.

Before abstract submission closes

  1. From the Dashboard, click “Create New Abstract” under Submission
  2. Click on your division/committee
  3. Click on the symposium you wish to submit the abstract to
  4. Click Save

Repeat steps 1 – 4 as many times as needed to create new (empty) abstracts for submission at a later date.

The Abstract ID numbers for the abstracts can be found on your Abstract Submitter dashboard by selecting “View/Edit Submissions”.

After abstract submission closes

After the submission deadline, you may use new (empty) abstracts you created to submit late abstracts.

To edit and submit the abstract, see Editing Abstracts

If you do not have new (empty) abstracts to submit, contact your program chair.