Sci-Mix and AEI Presentations


Sci-Mix is designed to be a large meeting-wide poster event—traditionally held on Monday evening at 8:00 PM—with posters contributed by each participating division. Sci-Mix is a meeting-wide social event complete with colleagues meeting each other combined with serious scientific discussions. During the Fall meeting, the AEI posters are included in Sci-Mix as well as the candidates for the ACS annual election. Free beer is normally available to help stimulate discussion.

Participation in Sci-Mix is optional. Divisions participate in Sci-Mix by contributing posters (either selected posters from other poster presentations or posters derived from selected oral presentations). The number of posters may not exceed 20 posters or 10% of the total number of papers in a Division, whichever is larger. Presentation should be considered a designation for the presenters as they represent the best of what the division has to offer in terms of the science and presentation.

AEI (Academic Employment Initiative)

AEI is an ACS Education administered program designed to support the academic hiring process by making it easier for academic employers to meet and interact informally with potential candidates. It also gives the candidates the opportunity to convey their teaching and research goals to a wider audience. AEI is held at the Fall national meeting during Sci-Mix.

Candidates may submit their abstracts to Sci-Mix in two ways.

  1. Submitting Directly to AEI. Candidates wishing to participate only in AEI submit their abstract directly to the AEI section.
  2. Submitting an Abstract to a Division and AEI. Candidates wishing to participate in AEI and a division submit their abstract into the division AND AEI.