Division of Membership and Scientific Advancement

Position Ext*
Denise Creech Director, Membership & Scientific Advancement Division 4414
Alan Hutchins Director, Meetings & Operations 6266
John Katz Director, Member Communities 8070
LaTrease Garrison Director, Administrative & Programmatic Technologies 6150
* Dial 202-872+Ext

Department of Meetings and Expositions Services

Name Position Ext*
Vanessa Johnson-Evans Manager, National Meetings Logistics & Attendee Services
Beverly Johnson Lead Meeting Planner 6264
Dianne Ruddy Lead Meeting Planner 4402
Michele Stevenson Manager, Regional Meetings & Specialty Conferences
Nicole Fisher Senior Meeting Planner 6129
Lauren Stewart
Meetings Associate
Stephen Fanning Senior Accountant 6022
Brittany Vesce-Rubenic
Senior Meetings Associate
Kimberly Savage Senior Meeting Planner
Amanda Frederick Lead Content & Expositions Associate 4486
Brenda Philpot Lead Meetings Program Associate 6111
Nancy Todd Manager, Meeting Contracts, Development, and Planning
Vernar Beatty Senior Meeting Planner
* Dial 202-872+Ext

Department of Administrative & Programmatic Technologies

Name Position Ext
Laura Melohn Membership Technology Manager 6265*
Program Chair and Symposium Organizer contact abstracts@acs.org
Submitters contact maps@acs.org
* Dial 202-872+Ext

Department of Member Communities

Name Position Ext*
David Harwell Assistant Director, Industry Member Programs 6359
* Dial 202-872+Ext