Molecule of the Week


February 6, 2012

L-O-Phosphoserine is a biomolecule that is used in combination with L-glutamine and vitamin B12 as a “roborant”—a restorative tonic—marketed under the trade names Vitasprint B12 and Fosforina B12. It is biosynthesized via the enzymatic phosphorylation of L-serine. F. C. Neuhaus and S. Korkes described the preparation of the racemic mixture in 1958. In 2011, C. J. Noren, J. Rinehart, and D. Söll developed a way to genetically encode L-O-phosphoserine anywhere in a protein sequence.

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Molecules in the News

  • How Old Is That Silk Artifact? (Smithsonian, Feb. 2012)
    A chemist from the Textile Museum is perfecting a new technique for understanding the past.
    (This research was also featured in a recent edition of the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry: Anal. Chem., 2011, 83 (19), 7577–7581.)