Patent Watch - 2014 Archive

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  • November 17
    RET kinase inhibitors may treat cancer and gastrointestinal disorders.

  • November 10
    Some cancers may be controlled by these enzyme inhibitors.

  • November 3
    Make polyol ethers more efficiently.

  • October 27
    Use a specialized distillation to isolate aroma chemicals.

  • October 20
    Here’s an improved process for making an HIV drug.

  • October 6
    Thermally cleave carbamates to produce isocyanates.

  • September 29
    This process may boost benzene production.

  • September 22
    Target neutrophil elastase to combat inflammatory diseases.

  • September 15

  • September 8
    This route to styrene has the potential to lower production costs.

  • September 1
    Try, try again: Here’s another direct route from benzene to phenol.

  • August 25
    Clean up fungicide intermediate before making the final product.

  • August 18
    Making benzene from methane may prevent potential shortages.

  • August 11
    Here is an improved process for making efavirenz, a key HIV drug.

  • August 4
    Wnt signaling pathway inhibitors are promising cancer therapies.

  • June 28
    These indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitors may lead to drugs for cancer and other diseases.

  • July 21
    Here are two better ways to synthesize enamino carbonyl compounds.

  • July 14
    C5 hydrocarbons are the key to a new ethylene–propylene process.

  • July 7
    If you can’t get higher olefins from steam cracking, how can you get them?

  • June 30
    Synthesize high-purity 2,2-difluoroethylamines in two steps.

  • June 23
    What is the definition of “green” plastic?

  • June 16
    Low–molecular mass polypeptide-7 inhibitors may help treat autoimmune diseases.

  • June 9
    Bacterial adhesin inhibitors may help treat IBD.

  • June 2
    Pim kinase inhibitors may help treat cancer.

  • May 26
    Use an economical propylene oxide process to make epichlorohydrin.

  • May 19
    Detect Alzheimer’s disease plaques with these imaging agents.

  • May 12
    Inducing neurogenesis may combat neurological diseases.

  • May 5
    Use a catalyst to improve propylene yield from an ethylene reactor.

  • April 28
    Here’s a better way to make a rivastigmine intermediate.

  • April 21
    Synthesize high-purity 2,2-difluoroethylamines in two steps.

  • April 14
    An alkoxylated catalyst support improves the performance of a two-product reaction.

  • April 7
    Treat immunological or inflammatory disorders with ITK inhibitors.

  • March 31
    Selective 5-HT receptor modulators may deliver focused targeting with fewer side effects.

  • March 24
    These catalysts convert ethylene to hexene and octene.

  • March 17
    HIV integrase inhibitors may be potent AIDS drugs.

  • March 10
    Crack propane to propylene with a specially pretreated catalyst.

  • March 3
    Here’s an improved synthesis of a fiber dye.

  • February 24
    Here’s an improved method for synthesizing an antipsychotic drug.

  • February 17
    A selective EP4 antagonist may be useful for treating arthritis.

  • February 10
    This ethylene dimerization catalyst produces 1-butene in high yields.

  • February 3
    Boost propylene yields from fluid catalytic crackers.

  • January 27
    Ethanol-to-propylene process may lead to “green” polypropylene.

  • January 20
    Trk inhibitors may do more than treat pain.

  • January 13
    Separate hydrogen from methane electrochemically.

  • January 6
    Quinazolinedionecarboxylic acid derivatives are tankyrase inhibitors.