Clean Energy: Perspectives on Innovation

The Second of a Two-Part Series on Clean Energy (Part 1)

June 14, 2011, 12:00 -1:30 PM
325 Russell Senate Office Building




This year, the term “clean energy” has been used with increasing frequency and prominence in policy-making circles. Some look to clean energy to satisfy the nation’s fuel and power needs, while improving the environment. Others see an opportunity for the United States to lead the world in innovating technical solutions, growing new industries and creating jobs. There is significant opportunity across the technological spectrum, with activity underway in university incubators and spin-off companies, programs at major technology companies, venture capital funding, community and state initiatives.

The first briefing in this two-part series examined the sustainability of clean energy options for electricity generation. This briefing will highlight perspectives on the technologies and financing of clean energy innovation today.

Honorary Host

Opening Remarks


Credit: The Accord Group

The Honorable Sherwood Boehlert

Of Counsel, The Accord Group

Credit: Sen. Coons’ office

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)


From Josh Freed’s presentation
Credit: The Accord Group


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Josh Freed Vice President for Clean Energy Program Third Way Presentation Slides Bio │ Email

Megan Reichert-Kral Manager, Venture Accelerator University of Michigan Presentation Slides Bio │ Email

William Provine Science Director, Biochemical Science & Engineering - Biofuels DuPont Central Research & Development Presentation Slides Bio │ Email

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