Forum on Climate Change Science and Consequences

Update from the 2010 National Meeting in Boston

The Joint Board-Council Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI) hosted a symposium and forum on global climate change issues at the 2010 National Meeting in Boston. The ACS public policy statement on global climate change is scheduled to be updated this year, and CEI brought together four world-class experts to discuss the state of the science and the importance of dealing with this issue in a scientifically informed manner.


Charles E. Kolb
President and CEO, Aerodyne Research
and Past Chair, ACS Committee on
Environmental Improvement


Climate Change Science

Presenter: Michael B. McElroy
Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental
Studies, Harvard University

Observed and Anticipated Climate Change Impacts

Presenter: James J. McCarthy
Professor of Biological Oceanography,
Harvard University, and Past President
of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science

Climate Change Science Concerns

Presenter: John R. Christy
Professor and Director Earth System
Science Center, NSSTC, University of
Alabama in Huntsville

America's Climate Choices

Presenter: Robert H. Socolow
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering, Princeton University, and
Member, National Academies Committee
on America’s Climate Choices

Coverage of the Forum

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