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As part of its mission to advocate for science, ACS regularly flies in members for visits with their elected officials on Capitol Hill.

The two main visit events are Congressional Visits Day (CVD) and Legislative Summit.

Congressional Visits Day

This year was the 13th Congressional Visits Day. An annual event bringing together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, and technology executives, CVD aims to raise visibility and support for research funding in Congress. Uniquely multi-sector and multi-disciplinary, CVD is coordinated by coalitions of companies, professional societies and educational institutions.

Congressional Visits Day is produced by the Science, Engineering & Technology Working Group (SETWG), a coalition of scientific & professional societies, institutes of higher education and trade associations.

Congressional Visits Day was started in the mid-1990’s during an era of budget cuts that threatened federal R&D funding. While many scientific societies had been having individual meetings with legislators to stress the importance of sustaining federal R&D, there was a need to present a unified voice on the matter.

At the culmination of each Congressional Visits Day, SETWG presents the George E. Brown Jr. Science, Engineering and Technology Leadership Award to a member of Congress to recognize their work to maintain investment in science & technology that will ensure America’s leadership in innovation. The award is named for the late Congressman George E. Brown Jr., who, over his long and distinguished career in Congress, was a leader in advocating for federal support of R&D.

Legislative Summit

The Legislative Summit is an event unique to ACS.

Twenty-two ACS members participated in this year’s Legislative Summit. After a day of briefings from OLGA staff and a presentation by division heads at DOE Science, NIST, and NSF participants met with twenty-five Congressional offices to support the inclusion of science funding in the upcoming supplemental appropriations bill.

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