Local Section & State Government Affairs Programs

Group Advocacy Programs

The Local Section Government Affairs Committees (GACs) and State Government Affairs programs are grassroots member advocacy groups
that allow members to work together to:*

  • Address chemistry-related policy concerns with colleagues and local, state, and federal policymakers.
  • Provide ongoing scientific and technical expertise to legislators positioning ACS and its members as respected sources of policy information.
  • Develop long-lasting relationships with stakeholders and elected officials.
  • Inform members about important policy decisions.
  • Enhance member professional development and civic involvement.

If you want to get more involved with ACS member advocacy, there’s a program that’s right for you!

Program Descriptions

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Why Become Involved in Government Affairs?
As a citizen you have a right to influence public policy. As a scientist it’s your professional responsibility!

Member Spotlight
Read about other members taking action.

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GACs are formed within ACS Local Sections to facilitate interaction between Local Section members and elected officials on policy issues that affect chemists. They engage primarily in federal policy, and members serve as ACS’ “precinct captains” for advocacy.

Local Section Government Affairs Committees (GACs)

State Government Affairs empowers ACS members to advocate on issues at the state level and to impact state legislation and programs that advance science. They provide ACS members with opportunities to engage in state policy activities and directly with state policymakers.

As of November 2010, 100 ACS Local Sections have GACs; and there are six State Government Affairs groups.

State Government Affairs

Find an Advocacy Group Near You
Select a state on the map to find an advocacy group near you, as well as, state-related policy information.

Create a GAC
Form a GAC within your Local Section if you can’t find one. Chances are there’s one of ACS’ 185 Local Sections near where you live or work.

How to Plan Activities
Find tips and advice for speaking to lawmakers.

* Under the current ACS tax status, ACS member advocacy groups must not engage in partisan politics and electoral activity.

Find an Advocacy Group Near You!