Create a Government Affairs Committee (GAC) for Your Local Section

Qualified ACS Local Sections could receive up to $500 in starter grants this year--$250 to form either a Government Affairs Committee or Public Relations Committee. Or, $500 to form both types of committees.

Application deadline: Nov. 30, 2010

There is no set organized method for forming a committee. Each Local Section is different; some have specific requirements to follow. Realizing this, most committees form in this manner:

  1. Contact your Local Section officers.
    Express your interest and ask them for mentoring and advice. Also consider requesting that they join the committee. Having the leaders on your committee will enhance its credibility.
  2. Recruit Volunteers!
    Contact your Local Section’s Act 4 Chemistry Network members, and recruit new members to Act 4 Chemistry.

    Participate in Local Section board meetings and activities. Highlight the Government Affairs Committee in your Local Section Newsletter.

Creating a GAC

  • More about GACs
  • Why Become Involved?
  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • Activities & Messages
  • Success Stories
  • "Local Sections Speaking for Science" Webinar
  1. Stay informed.
    Read the blog and other policy-related material.
  2. Inform your Local Section.
    Discuss the policy priorities of the Society at Local Section meetings. Write articles in the Local Section newsletter; post blog entries about the latest policy matter at
  3. Plan an activity for your Local Section.
    Ask you Local Section colleagues for assistance. Focus on timely, creative events to help members stay active.

Thank you for taking time to act as a political involvement representative for our Society and the chemistry enterprise. Engaging face-to-face with our national leaders on science and technology issues is an essential element in advancing the ACS public policy agenda.

Brad Smith
Manager, Grassroots and Member Involvement

For more information email Brad Smith, Manager, Grassroots & Member Involvement
or call 1-800-227-5558 ext. 4479.