Activities & Messages

Local Sections can create and build relationships with elected officials and let them know about policy issues of interest to chemists. Consider:

  • inviting elected officials to one of your events
  • including officials in your Local Section newsletter correspondence
  • setting up a meeting, by video or in their office

A brief synopsis of several popular activities follows. For assistance and more information email Kathryn Verona or call 1-800-227-5558, ext. 4384.

Visit Your Lawmakers

  • Visit your lawmakers in DC!
  • Meet your lawmakers at home in the district
  • Go to legislators’ Town Hall meetings and raise the profile of chemistry-related policies.
  • Join legislators’ distribution lists to learn about Town Hall meetings and other open office hours.
  • Participate in a video conference meeting with legislators.
  • Most legislators have this capability.

Invite Your Lawmakers to Visit You

  • Invite public officials to speak at a local section meeting.
  • Ask a legislator or school board member to present awards to students or teachers.
  • Sponsor an award for public service.
  • Hold a symposium on a public affairs topic.
  • Send invitations to your elected representatives to attend activities.
  • Send elected officials a copy of any past publicity or recognition you have received regarding your NCW or other events.
  • Invite legislators to tour your laboratory or workplace. This activity is most effective if the tour takes place in a legislator’s district. Be sure to work with constituents to issue the invitation.

Written Materials

  • Send your lawmakers your local section newsletter.
  • Publicize GAC activities in the newsletter or on your website.

Plan Programming

Tools to Invite Your Lawmakers