ACS Committees Seek Member Input on Policy Statements

Six ACS position statements are set to expire at the end of 2015. ACS members are encouraged to review the expiring statements, particularly on energy and innovation, and to offer their thoughts and comments to the ACS committees considering revisions, as well as to provide input on other statements that should be developed or changed.

Please share your thoughts on these topics, as well as examples of how they work in the real world at by Wednesday, July 29.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In the revised draft, ACS intends to ask policymakers to develop a strategy that allows our nation to remain a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship through:

  • Development and support of a world-class workforce;
  • Predictable and sustained commitments to research and technology development; and
  • Development of a sustainable infrastructure for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship statement being reviewed

Energy Statement

In the revised draft, ACS intends to ask policymakers to develop energy policies that:

  • Include the full lifecycle costs of energy sources in their market prices.
  • Increase energy efficiency should be one of the highest priorities of our energy policy.
  • Assures that incentives and research funding should be robust and sustained.

These priorities will be explored within four areas of energy technology and policy:

  • Conventional Energy Resources
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Conservation & Efficiency
  • Storage & Distribution

Energy Statement being reviewed

The other statements being reviewed are:

Comments and suggestions on any of these topics should be submitted to